Marketing Booster

Focus on your marketing for two hours, with my help to create a plan for content to reach more of your ideal customers

A Marketing Booster session will help any small business owner to:

  • Re-focus on strategy

    Clarify who you reach, the business purpose, and how you present a minute pitch

  • Define the proof

    Review your business strengths and explore customer perspective

  • Create fresh content

    Challenge how your website promotes the business and reaches potential customers

  • Develop foundations for your plan

    How much budget and which activities will make your marketing count

Pricing per session

Book your strategy session today by email or call me for more information on 07815 782696

Grow your business with 27 Marketing

What you’ll get with a Marketing Booster:

  • A brief review

    of the business market, covering types of customers, competitors, and local factors

  • Two hours’ consultation

    with me in person or online

  • A summary of next steps for your marketing,

    including content ideas, opportunities to reach customers, and options to address any issues identified