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Plan how to make the most of your client case studies

Writing client case studies

When you’ve made the effort to write up your client case studies, it is important to get the most out of each story, without boring your regular readers by repeatedly sharing the same posts! If you’re regularly producing newsletter content and articles or blogs for other channels, it helps to keep your efforts focused on a few key priorities for your business:

Before you develop a new case study, plan who it’s for:

Stats show that sharing content works best for businesses to pull in more website traffic when you’re sharing more than four blogs a month. (See Hubspot Blogging Frequency Benchmark Data) However, if none of your blogs or case studies are relevant to the people you want to reach – what’s the point? Before you start, get a clear and specific idea of who you are writing for and what will be most relevant to them. A helpful tip for profiling who you want to reach is to use the customer avatar sheet from Digital Marketer. It looks at all the aspects – location, career, interests, sources of information plus their role in the purchase process for your services.

Set themes for all your content – blogs, case studies, and event talks

To make the most of writing up a case study, it needs to fit within a range of blogs and content for social media, where you are sharing your expertise for free. This helps potential clients realise what you’re capable of – and realise how they would benefit from working with you. If you are speaking at an event, you can plan which topics will support what you’re saying on the day, and which client case studies would be relevant.

For a service business, you can share a blog or video about the process of design and build, and link it to a case study. The follow up content could cover maintenance and repair or updates – and still link to the same case study, or a different one.

Align case studies with your most profitable products and services

Be aware: even though your client case studies are one of your most valuable sales tools, they should NOT be full of product information and blatant sales messages. The main body of the story should showcase what was happening for the customer before they met you. Then you can and should mention which of your services that client is using, and how your services solve the customer’s pain. A credible case study will talk about the impact on their situation, and measure any improvements and success they’ve achieved. By including a personal testimonial direct from the client, you can bring the story to life – and use that in a considered way on your social media posts.

Share your client case studies with the press

Finding time to contact journalists and share your expertise with them is tricky, however, once you include it in the flow of your marketing, it becomes easier. Select a limited number of media contacts who are really interested in your subject matter and take time to build the relationships. When you’ve got a great story, they will be more receptive to publishing it.

My top tip for making sure your case study efforts aren’t wasted (sitting on your website with no traffic!) is to have a half day media training with a local PR agent. That way, you can learn a lot about the local press network, learn how to pitch your stories and get more confident for telephone interviews with journalists. It’s a positive halfway step towards selecting a PR agent and outsourcing the whole plan.

If half a day is too much time out on a single day, you could try a PR coach who offers online support and regular tips to grow the number of articles your business is mentioned in. You’ll need to schedule 45-90 minutes every week to stay on track with your plan, even if you’re only aiming for coverage once every few months. Once your content gets out there, you’ll find the momentum builds – the important thing is to make a plan and keep going!


I’m a Partner Writer with case study creation service, Case Study Ninja – where PR placement and social media support is part of the premium Marketing Case Study offer. Do contact me if you’d like a 30-minutes case study review call on how to do more with yours.